Introduction to Linux and Supercomputers (MA030366)


Course Memo

The course is devoted to series of frequently asked questions from people who start their scientific computing life with Linux. We'll give a masterclass for a work within the ssh-session, standard terminal commands and their combinations, tips on organization of the simplest possible bash-scripts (loops, background calculations, IO-redirections, etc.). We'll explain and demonstrate the gentleman's set for software compilation from source (user configuration files, environment variables, Makefiles basics, compiler options and optimization flags, linking external libraries and connection of these concepts). We'll describe then the very basic points of hard- and software architectures of modern computing systems. And in the end of the day we'll present the model project based on all the concepts above. Lecturers expect that after the course student will be able to login on the HPC-cluster, properly setup the environment, compile the source code, run parallel programs on HPC-systems and write scripts for data post-processing.