Modern Wireless Systems - 5G and Beyond (MA030410)


Course Memo

The course covers modern wireless systems, including advanced telecommunication technologies (5G/6G) which form the essential basis for next-generation communication deployment. At the same time the course gives an overview of the opportunities for the mobile communication industry created by cross-industry transformation and traditional business models changes. During the course the students will consider the following questions: - A historical survey, typical use-cases, and architectures of modern wireless communications (mainly cellular networks); - Main technical principles such as detection, diversity, and channel capacity, multiple access and interference management; - Methods for increasing the wireless channel capacity (multiuser and MIMO) - Radio Access Network, Transport Network, and Core; - New services for modern wireless networks (IoT and enhanced broadband) - Standardization and frequency spectrum for wireless systems; - 6G physical, technological and regulatory aspects. During the course the number of lab sessions will be held with the use of 2G/3G/4G/5G testbenches. As a result of the course, the students will be able to provide a solid understanding of modern wireless communication concepts that satisfy the current telecommunication market needs in enabling next-generation communication models and new services.