Startup Workshop (MC030025)


Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

Startup Workshop (SUW) is the 3-credit E&I course designed to accelerate the Skoltech student/faculty/researcher teams developed and inspired by the Innovation Workshop and similar project-based E&I courses (IW, SFW, or TEF), though any Skoltech team is welcome to join through the mechanism of competitive selection. SUW course is extremely practical and pragmatic as its whole and only point is the preparation of the project application for the startup financing coming from two core Russian entrepreneurial infrustructural organizations: Skolkovo Foundation (SkF) and FASIE. Despite such formal learning objective may look too narrow and mundane, it allows distinguishing the SUW course in two unique ways: --- 1) building the SkF application that is well-grounded and properly structured, is an intensive exercise requiring major learning/experimenting/prototyping. The team that passed the SUW will be ready to face each and every venture investor of the world; --- 2) as SUW teams enter the formal path of Skolkovo startup, they will obtain an intensive help from the Skoltech Dept of Business Devt, that will provide not only mentoring, but also some minor competitive financing. SUW pushes teams through the preparation of the SkF/FASIE application that consists of 6 building blocks: 1) problem validation, 2) product/technology description and validation, 3) competitive analysis and market assessment, 4) commercialization plan, 5) team and roles, 6) integrative 3-yr plan. SUW is quite intensive: it starts well before the Term 2 with the competitive selection and requires serious work each week to produce the graded presentation.