Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MC030013)


Course Memo

The course aims to provide students with an understanding of applications and practices of biomedical science in an industrial healthcare. To put it simple, we will discuss where and how Skoltech biomedical graduates may employ their skills beyond academy science. To achieve this goal the course will decompose the industry into the value chain of independent but interconnected entities and then make deep investigation of motives, profits, and costs of any segment/entity of this value chain. The incomplete list of such entities will include: R&D-driven startups, CROs, CMOs, regulators, integrated pharmas, marketing agents, distributors, retail, hospitals, doctors. The emphasis will be made on the value chain groups that are immersed into the challendge of transforming high technologies into the tangible patient benefit, from hardcore drug development to all kinds of medical devices and services. Such challenges will be taught through development of the group project that will be developed through the stages of Problem statement (indication, regulation, POC and QC), preclinical design, clinical design, manufacturing/delivery design and final integrative presentation.