Renewable Energy (MA060201)


Course Memo

The course will present a comprehensive study of modern renewable energy resources integration to power systems. Mostly focused on wind and solar power - the main contributors to renewable generation profile - the course will provide with profound technical expertise in the field of planning, grid level behavior, and device-level control of renewable energy sources. With the falling prices for power electronics devices, there is an exploding grows of grid connected renewable generation all over the world. Being taken for granted by most people, these power sources have quite sophisticated control systems inside them. In this course we will uncover the complex dynamic behavior of the systems, that govern the stable and secure operation of such devices with the main power grid. Solar and wind maximum power point tracking (MPPT) techniques to extract the maximum power from the primary sources, phase-locked loop systems for tight grid connection, doubly fed induction machines for flexible power output - are all the part of the course.