Crystal Chemistry (MA030477)


Course Memo

This course will be useful to a diverse group of students involved in designing new functional materials including but not limiting to electrode materials and solid electrolytes for rechargeable batteries. This course has two objectives: (i) to familiarize with the key parameters and laws that govern the organization of crystalline matter and related crystal structures, (ii) to give a comrehensive guide of to how to "read", understand and "tune" crystal structures to design, create and modify functional properties of materials. Students will learn what is required to understand the potential of a new structure to become a base for a prospective material. The first part of the course will cover general structure types, their organization and pecularities, reveal essential crystal chemistry concepts, rules and laws. With these knowledge at hand, the students are invited to the second part of the course to be acquainted with the crystal structure organization of modern electrode materials for rechargeable batteries. The acquired knowledge and skills are expected to facilitate the creation of completely new materials with outstanding characteristics that find applications in technological problems related to energy storage and conversion. The content of the course is not exclusively fundamental but relates to practical aspects of the creation of innovative materials via a crystal chemistry design approach.