Robotics (MA060050)


Course Memo

Robotics became the key driving force for the new industry and hundreds of thousands of industrial robots are installed annually. Students of the course will learn how to design innovative multi-DOFs, mobile, and flying robots. They will learn how to program Arduino, STM32, ESP microcontrollers, digital filters, and to write the software for controlling the servo and DC motors. Topics will include Forward and Inverse kinematics of 6-DoF robots, Jacobians, Robot dynamics, Trajectory planning, PID control. Python for robots and Robot Operating System (ROS) Lectures will help to develop strong skills in robot programming. Students will be taught the unique robotic technologies, such as, inverse Delta robot DeltaTouch and touch-sensitive soft robotic gripper, both are designed in ISR Laboratory. Students will also have a chance to develop autonomous mobile robots for Eurobot International Robotics Competition. Students will have the access to world’s top-level robotic solutions, e.g. KUKA IIWA, Universal Robots, Fanuc Delta Robot, DJI drones. The invited speakers will be the leaders of startups founded by ISR Lab. students, such as, Native Robotics, Tsuru Robotics, Sizolution and PhD students from Italian Institute of Technology, University of Southern Denmark, Tohoku University, etc.