Selected Topics in Energy: Physical, Chemical and Geophysical Challenges (DG060106)


Course Memo

The course provides an introduction to the modern topics related to fundamentals of exploration of energy resources, energy generation, storage, conversion and use. It identifies the corresponding practical challenges to be addressed at the fundamental research level and familiarizes the students with the state-of-the-art approaches, methods and techniques in use in related scientific areas. The course seeks to emphasize and maintain interdisciplinary nature of the energy-related topics, in particular, combination of micro- and macroscopic approaches of geophysics, mechanics and chemistry in hydrocarbon exploration and development, relation between the physical and chemical processes of energy generation and conversion, integration of physical, chemical and mechanical approaches to perspective materials (physical and chemical synthesis, micro- and macroscopic characterization, structure-property relations, etc.) and related theoretical methodologies. These interdisciplinary links are mostly demonstrated by horizontal knowledge exchange among the students reporting and discussing practical examples from their own research field or from modern review or research publications. Topical lectures are included for further exploration of these links. The secondary aim of the course is the development of presentation skills (oral and writing), as well as scientific peer-review experience. The seminar format chosen for most activities allows students free exchange of knowledge and ideas, broader vision of their research projects and methodologies, better assessments of their own research skills and demands for further education.