Permafrost and Natural Hydrates (MA030343)


Course Memo

This course is about permafrost and natural hydrates. The course is devoted to the consideration of cryogenic-geological conditions of the northern oil and gas provinces of Russia and their influence on the construction and operation of production wells. The course includes permafrost characterization within the main oil and gas fields in the European North and Siberia, including the Arctic zone. The main cryogenic-geological processes occurring in the areas of permafrost propagation are considered. The description of gas and gas hydrate accumulations in permafrost is given. The conditions for the formation and existence of gas and gas hydrate accumulations in permafrost are analyzed. Zoning of the territories of oil and gas provinces on the complexity of geocryological conditions for the development of deposits is carried out. The characteristic of engineering and permafrost studies for the selection of construction sites for producing wells is given. Analyzed the complications arising from the construction and operation of wells in permafrost. Thermal and mechanical interaction of producing wells with permafrost is considered. The behavior of gas hydrate accumulations in permafrost zone during the development of gas and oil fields in the Arctic is analyzed. The impact of global climate change on the stability of wells and ground engineering structures of the oil and gas complex is assessed.