Cancer Biology (MA030088)


Course Memo

The course is dedicated to basics of clinical and molecular cancer biology with emphasis on innovative drugs and technologies for cancer treatment and diagnostics. The main themes to be discussed: What is cancer? Classification, staging, grading, ?he hallmarks of cancer; Mutations, oncogenes, tumor suppressors, ?enomic instability, epigenetics in cancer initiation and progression (miRNA, siRNA, lncRNA, methylation, histones modification, etc.); Cell cycle and growth and it’s deregulation in cancer; Tumor energy metabolism (the Warburg effect); Cell death and it’s deregulation in cancer (necrosis, apoptosis, autophagy); Cell differentiation and dedifferentiation in cancer, EMT, Metastasis; Cancer stem cells hypothesis; Tumor stroma and heterogeneity, neoangiogenesis; The “seed and soil hypothesis” – pre-metastatic niche; Extracellular vesicles for communication between cells; Cancer diagnostics, tumor markers; Liquid biopsy; Biological factors in Cancer (inflammation, viruses, bacteria, microbiome); Target therapy, Immune checkpoint inhibitors; Emerging therapeutic modalities, Car-T, dendritic cells, viruses; Invited medical oncologists will give talks on the usolved questions in the field. A visit to a clinic or a laboratory is planned