English. Candidate Examinations (DG030003)


Course Memo

This is a blended meta-course for the English Qualification Exam needed for the Russian PhD Degree. The Exam is designed as a multidisciplinary conference where the participants present results of their PhD research and follows the general principles of conference materials submission, peer review, resubmission, presentation, and discussion. The goal of the Exam is Academic Communication, so the participants should demonstrate the ability to present their research results in front of a multidisciplinary audience and deliver the key ideas in good Academic English in terms of vocabulary, grammar and style. Pre-exam/ pre-conference activities, such as material submissions and peer reviews, last of three weeks and take place fully online. They include: Project proposal V1+ 2 Peer Reviews; a 2-minute video annotation V1 + peer review; and a stack of presentation slides V1+ peer review. Version 2 of the Proposal, video annotation and the slides should be improved using the comments of the Instructor and the peers. Depending on the applicable regulations related to COVID-19, on the Examination day students make their presentations and participate in the discussion in person or via an online platform in front of the Examination Committee and a group of peers. Failure to submit an assignment by the due date may result in the loss of the grade. The participants will practice a variety of academic skills: - Planning and designing a well-structured and balanced presentation - Formulating and negotiating the research ideas through the process of writing and peer editing. - Communicating research-related ideas to a multi-disciplinary audience. - Presentation skills: the ability to deliver the message using a variety of rhetorical and stylistic tools. - Discussion skills: the ability to tackle a variety of questions from the audience. The ability to pose questions to the presenters. The grade is counted towards the PhD Qualification.