Biomedical Mass Spectrometry (MA060256)

Course Memo

This course introduces students to the first principles and methods of mass spectrometry with special emphasize on biological and medical applications. The course will cover wide range of mass spectrometry techniques used for ion generation, separation, detection and data processing and interpretation. The course will teach the theoretical fundamentals required for the design of instruments and methods for measuring mass spectra of biological samples. The course will cover mass spectrometry applications in OMICs technologies, mass spectrometry applications in biomarker discovery and tissue imaging. After successful completion of this class, students will acquire the initial knowledge of the operational principles and design of different mass spectrometers, different methods of ionization of biological molecules of wide mass range, different methods of ion separation including magnetic sector, time of flight, RF and DC ion traps, as well as FTICR. Experimental and bioinformatics based methods of protein, peptides, lipids and metabolite molecule identification, different fragmentation methods for primary and secondary structure determination, methods of quantitative determination of proteins, lipids, metabolites and small molecule in physiological liquids