Molecular Biology (MA060034)

Course Memo

Molecular biology course is based on learning the principles of replication, recombination, DNA repair. Additionally, replication strategies of phages and viruses will be discussed. Mitosis and meiosis will be described in a context of DNA biosynthesis. Also, the principles of RNA biosynthesis, i.e. transcription and processing, as well as protein biosynthesis, i.e. translation, maturation and transport will be described. The goal of the course is obtaining a comprehensive knowledge on the structure of DNA and processes of DNA replication, recombination and repair in bacteria and eukaryotes, as well as on replication of phages and viruses. To obtain a detailed knowledge on the processes of transcription, in bacteria and eukaryotes, on the regulation of transcription in bacteria and eukaryotes, on examples of complex networks of transcriptional regulation in bacteria and eukaryotes, on maturation of RNA in eukaryotes, on protein biosynthesis in bacteria and eukaryotes, on the transport of protein in bacteria and eukaryotes. Students activities include: -listening to lectures -discussions/seminars -homework -tests