Leadership for Innovators (MC030011)

Course Memo

Succesful innovators are distinguished not only by their scientific excellence as well as end user vision, but also by superior leadership skills. Scientists dream about being honored and awarded by fans on the merits of their science alone, but unfortunately it never works this way. Innovation is impossible without leading, cooperating, negotiating, and keeping resilience from the constant stress. This course presents the comprehensive skillset of leadership that includes theory and practice of: - leadership & teamwork - self-awareness and goal setting - stress management and self-presentation - empathy and 360 feedback - influence & negotiations The recurring topic of the class is that all these beneficial skills are fuzzy and overrated unless they are taken together in the globally accepted framework of "Emotional Intelligence" (EQ). The class is built as highly interactive action that starts with Q&A on a particular component of the EQ toolkit and then culminates in the intensive group and personal exercises. Unlike your favorite hard skill classes, this course is light on homework, but hard on class participation. Student should be ready to attend at all costs or face course failure. If you miss the class, you steal learning experience not only from yourself, but also from the entire group, hence consequences will be serious. Please note that this class is 80% similar to the ISP combo of "Hardcore EQ" and "Negotiation games" so you may optimize your learning schedule.