Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (MA030296)

Course Memo

The course provides an introduction to the field of Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Engineering Technologies and focuses on main research and educational thrusts of the Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials (https:// Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Digital Engineering Technologies, Science of Advanced Manufacturing, and Computational Engineering. The first thrust is focused on advanced technologies such as Advanced Manufacturing of Composite Materials, Additive Technologies, Thermal Spray Coatings, and Materials Selection in Design. The second thrust is focused on digital engineering technologies related to simulation-driven product development, model based systems engineering, digital manufacturing, product lifecycle management, and geometric modeling in Computer-Aided Design. The last two consist of fundamental disciplines required to understand the mechanics and physics of advance manufacturing processes, to develop mathematical and computational models of these processes to predict and improve the properties of the materials, structures, and engineering systems, as well as to develop digital twins of manufacturing processes and their individual components, what is commonly referred to as simulation-based engineering science. Professors and research scientists from the Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials will introduce students to the Center laboratories, to ongoing research activities, and propose possible projects for Master's thesis research. This course will help students to select a specialization and future research advisors.