Research Immersion (MB120006m)


Course Memo

Research Immersion will take place in Skoltech and Dubna as a part of Skoltech International Summer School on Mathematical Physics. The program of the school includes modern topics of mathematical physics such as Topological strings, integrability, Schur-Weyl duality, Ising model, sigma models, Affine Grassmannian, Stochastic vertex models. Discussion of each topic will be divided into talks of participants. Preparation of the reviews of the subject of the talk, discussion of them with experts is an essential part of the school's work. After school, the participants will prepare a report based on the talk and further study. The main goal of the Research Immersion is an expansion of the professional knowledge gained by students and developing practical skills for conducting independent scientific work. Students gain experience in the study of an actual scientific problem, as well as the selection of the necessary materials for the performance of qualifying work - the master's thesis.