Pedagogy of Higher Education (DG030025)

Course Memo

The course offers an introduction to facilitating learning in higher education for PhD students who are asked to act as teaching assistants or supervisors. The course content focuses on aligning learning outcomes with learning activities and assessment strategies. Constructive alignment in the course is defined at high resolution such that learning outcomes for a course are elaborated into separate activities and assignments for students. In other words, learning outcomes need to be articulated at every level of learning activities from course to assignment. The course also rests on the approach that learning is promoted by feedback. The assessment design that participants in the course design will therefore be required to reflect significant and effective use of continuous formative assessment. Such formative assessment requires strategic learning activities and assignments, and the course therefore comes with an emphasis on communication-to-learn activities including peer learning. Skoltech is an English medium instruction environment, and the course contains discussion topics to highlight ways of addressing the potential effects of language and culture barriers for high quality student learning. All topics in the course are applied by participants on their own teaching and learning experiences and are meant to be used as they prepare and plan for their teaching assistantships or their supervisory activities to come. All participants will have a task to produce a reflection on their future actions to evolve as facilitators and meet the requirements of the scholarship of teaching and learning.